*Available/Tillgänglig nu* I am currently interested in discussing freelance projects and employment. Click here for more information.
As a Visualisation Artist I have 10+ years of experience including one of the world's top arch-viz studios, Hayes Davidson, also Wagstaffs, Tengbom, and Sweco Architects. I've worked in London, Stockholm & Uppsala.
I story-tell with images, bring projects to life with info-films, and create interactivity with virtual reality. It's communication! Explain, sell, win! This is how...
To generate sales or public interest. These offices will need help renting themselves out.

Eyraporten, Sweco Architects

To win a competition! Your architects are under pressure, time running out & an unfinished design. Love it! Meltdown in the office but you'll get your pictures.
Northvolt Factory competition, Sweco Architects
Riga Station competion, Sweco Architects
To get planning permission. Sometimes you just have to show what the project will look like. No flares. No children. NO BALLOONS!

Gränbystaden, Sweco Architects

For conceptualising. For those projects where you've got to just throw everything you've got at a loose idea. Automated cars that turn into elevators? No problem!
Göteborg 2070, Sweco Architects
Wetland Park, China, Sweco Architects
Informing people in a loop. When you have a lot of information you want to share with a lot of people, create an info-film with extensive use of motion graphics.

H-Huset USÖ Örebro, Region Örebro Län

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