With the development of realtime 3D and virtual reality, does it mean the crafted still image will disappear? Absolutely not! The beauty of the image is it gives you, the owner, control. It's a technique artists having been using to control us for centuries!
What do you want to communicate? That entrance? The landscaping? Accessibility? We'll use traditional techniques to draw attention to these.
Street-level. Feel that space!
Senapsfabriken, Uppsala

Sweco Architects & Magnolia Bostad

Other street-level
Vasagatan, Stockholm - Stockholms Stad
Kv. Hilton, Solna - Vasakronan
Eyraporten, Örebro
Senapsfabriken, Uppsala - Sweco & Magnolia Bostad
Eyraporten, Örebro
Gränbystaden, Uppsala - Sweco & Atrium Ljungberg
Elbuss concept - Stockholms Trafikförvaltning
Valla Park, Sundbyberg - Sweco & JM
Värmdovägen - Nacka Kommun
Aerial images. Location!
Rosenkälla - Sweco Architects
Eyraporten, Örebro - Sweco Architects
Remonthagen - Sweco & Östersundshem
Centralstationen, Stockholm - Sweco & Jernhuset
KV. Hilton, Solna - Sweco & Vasakronan
Riga, Estonia - Sweco Architects
Selling property?
Seven Acres, Cambridge - CGI v Photo
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Photo - Seven Acres, Cambridge
Other residential
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
BACHO, Enköping - Sweco Architects
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Valla Park, Stockholm - Tengbom
Cole Park, UK - Wagstaffs
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Gränbycentrum, Uppsala - Sweco & Artium Ljungberg
Östermalm saluhall, Stockholm - Tengbom
Solvalla, Stockholm - Tengbom
Camera matching
Vasagatan, Stockholm - camera match v original photo
Original photograph
Final camera match with heavy clone stamping to remove trees and render overlayed - Stockholms Stad
Badstrandsvägen, Stockholm - original photo, extended backplate and final camera match
Original photograph
Sky & photo extension. Clone stamping
Final camera match with render - Stockholms Stad
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