Expert thinking

Everyone has this "render" button nowadays but are we all visualisation experts? This is why I am...

Being reactive
Vasagatan, Stockholm - Stockholms Stad
Sometimes you don't see the sun for a week, especially during winter. I couldn't wait a week so despite the dull weather I had to get the backplate shot for this camera match. But when it did appear one day before the deadline, I was prepared and ready! Can you spot a couple of dogs?
Revit to 3ds Max workflow
Valla Park, Sundbyberg - Sweco Architects
Having a "render" button in Revit doesn't mean you should always use it! When working directly with an architect a good workflow between architect and visualiser is essential. Revit to 3ds Max linking means you can work simultaneously together without double-working.
Going all in. Image, film & VR
H-huset USÖ, Örebro - Region Örebro län
This was the "full viz packet" of images, film and 360VR. It required careful model management, storyboarding, animation rendering and VR development on mobile. Oh... and clear communication with external teams.
"Can I offer my expert opinion?"
Behrn Arena, Örebro - Örebroporten Fastigheter
Sometimes we have these tricks that turn day images into night ones. In this project it was just easier to ask the client to send the drone up again. It would have taken longer to change the dusk backplate into a night. And after the re-shoot, just look at the result!
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