Biomedicum Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden ▲

Biomedicum Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden ▲

Tengbom 2013

The Biomedicum, one of Europe's largest research laboratories, will have room for 1,700 researchers and other personnel.

About me

I am a passionate, pro-active 3D artist, specialising in architectural visualisation. I have many years experience working with London visualisation studios, and now in Sweden I have worked in-house for two of Scandinavia's biggest architectural firms.

I believe networking is an essential part of being a 3D artist. I co-founded a Stockholm arch-viz group Sweviz where we are encourage collaboration, skill sharing, problem solving and of course a social beer now and then. I'm British, I'm good at that!



Sweco Architects, 3D visualiserare, Stockholm
Tengbom Arkitekter, 3D illustrator, Stockholm & Uppsala
Hayes Davidson, 3D artist, London
The Interiors Group, 3D visualiser, London
Wagstaffs Design, 3D visualiser, London

3DS Max, V-Ray, Photoshop, Railclone & Forest Pack, After Effects, Premiere

Biomedicum Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden ▲

Tengbom 2013

The Biomedicum, one of Europe's largest research laboratories, will have room for 1,700 researchers and other personnel.

Biomedicum Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden ▲

Göteborg 2070 vision plan, Sweden ▼

Tengbom 2013

The Biomedicum, one of Europe's largest research laboratories, will have room for 1,700 researchers and other personnel.

Seven Acres, Cambridge, UK ▼

Hayes Davidson 2012

5 illustrations showing a Swedish inspired residential development. See also the CGI alongside a photograph of the actual project.

Project info -

Seven Acres, Cambridge, UK ▲

Valla2, Stockholm, Sweden ▼

Tengbom 2014

Valla 2 is one of many planned aparment blocks in the Årstafältet area of Stockholm.

Project info -

Valla2, Stockholm, Sweden ▲

En dag, tre bilder "challenge" ▼

Tengbom 2014

One day, three pictures. This was a one day project where I had to create as much as I could from an architect's ArchiCAD model. This breakdown film demonstrates my efforts at an efficient workflow; using models from old files, simple Photoshop structure, image planning. Although not the most stunning set of images, it is always fun to challenge myself to do as much as I can and impress the architects! It also proves that 3D images don't have to be expensive and slow to produce.

Breakdown -

En dag, tre bilder "challenge" ▲

Östermalmstorg Paviljong, Stockholm, Sweden ▼

Tengbom 2013

A temporary pavilon structure to house the Östermalmshallen market traders while the main hall is refurbished.

News article pages 4 & 5 -

Östermalmstorg Paviljong, Stockholm, Sweden ▲

Bokompakt - ▼

Tengbom 2013

This was a video editing and graphics project I did for a hugely popular student housing scheme in southern Sweden. I had to clip the film together, add motion graphics and sound effects. The video got well over 8000 hits in it's first few months!

Project info -

Biomedicum Laboratory, Sweden ▲

Nya Karolinska Solna, Sweden ▼

Tengbom Arkitekter 2014

Nya Karolinska Solna, Sweden ▲

Sundbypark, Sweden ▼

Tengbom Arkitekter 2013

Concept illustrations of an early design proposal for a new business complex just north of Stockholm. The entrance image had to portray the types of activity/life that could go on outside the building.

Project info -

Sundbypark, Sweden ▲

Akademiska Stråket, Solna, Sweden ▼

Tengbom Arkitekter 2013

Competition illustrations for a new "academic mall" between the campus environments. One image was started "from scratch" and the other was worked on from another architect's work. Both of these were performed with a tight a deadline.

Akademiska Stråket, Solna, Sweden ▲

Mästerhuset, Stockholm, Sweden ▼

Tengbom Arkitekter 2013

Mästerhuset is a redevelopment project that will replace three inefficient buildings with a single, modern world-class property of prime office and retail accommodation.

A long running project, these 2 images were part of a marketing push by the client. This project was heavily controlled by the client, and it was important to balance their requests whilst retaining the quality of the image.

Project info -ästerhuset

Mästerhuset, Stockholm, Sweden ▲

Marketing value in illustrations ▼

Some images I created to show the value that can be extracted from an illustration, even if it was only made for one use. For example, a client might have wanted an image for their presentation material. But this image can go a lot further than that; advertising, magazines, apps.

Marketing value in illustrations ▲

T-Mobile HQ ▼

The Interiors Group 2011

T-Mobile HQ ▲

Wagstaffs Design ▼


A selection of images from the 3 years I spent working at this design and communication agency in London. A main client of ours was Tesco, and we became extremely efficent in producing the same image types for them; aerial overviews, entrance views across the carpark, camera matching.

Wagstaffs Design 2008-12 ▲

Contact me

I am always interested to hear from fellow artists and professionals. I am based in Uppsala, Sweden but mainly work in Stockholm. I am currently not looking for work in the UK.
SV +46 (0)72 043 9474
UK +44 (0)7787 333 149



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